Tuesday, July 15, 2014

LC HCG Day 2

Today is Day 2 of LC/HCG. Yesterday I did low carb with a hiccop of 7 sandwhich cookies in the red zone (3-7pm) Today I am going to do my best to deter that time. I promised a friend of mine that I would not eat after 8:30pm, not one bite. It worked! How strange that I will keep a promise to a friend but not to myself... mental note to meditate on.
All in all though the scale dropped 1.4 lbs. Water? Maybe, but I am thinking that the somersizing eating system and hcg may work well together. We shall see!

I have a number of things that I will be doing that tweaks this to me.

  1. Somersizing my food choices with as little carbs as possible.
  2. Eating TRUE TO HUNGER and small amounts.
  3. Working out when able.
  4. Tons of water
  5. Keeping up on my vitamins/minerals.
  6. Keeping fats to a moderate/low amount. I am not cutting them out entirely per the P&I protocol nor am I going "hog wild" pardon the pun. :)

Day 1's sabotages were what I call THE RED ZONE (3-7pm). Due to plummeting cortisol levels I get insatiable cravings for carbs. I gave into these yesterday as I said, 7 sandwhich cookies. Also, due to being away from Atkins for so long, I had forgotten that beans are carby. So my macros were way off!!!

More to add later... off to work!

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