Wednesday, July 16, 2014

HCG & LC Day 2 Results

Today is Day 3 of LC/HCG.

This morning was amazingly shocking! I ate well over 1600 calories yesterday.... 61% fat, 15% carbs and 24% protein.  I did eat a couple of sticks of jerky around 7pm which I am sure did not help me with sodium. But all in all, the scale did not budge!!! I am very excited about this bc with that much fat.... 5 pounds up would not have surprised me!

However, I did realize today that I am overdosing on HCG. I forgot that I only used 5000 mls of water instead of 10,000 to mix it. Therefore I drew to the 15 iu line vs the 15 iu mark. I am afraid to find out how much HCG I have been giving myself for 3 days.

On a good note.... my energy is great today! I just got done walking 2 miles with less pain in my body than I have felt in a long time!  I feel very satisfied with how my body is functioning. I am normally hypoglycemic and have severe adrenal fatigue. Doing HCG the P&I's way NEVER worked for me. If I was able to stick it out, which was only 1 time out of 5 and that was for 8 days, I found myself almost passing out at Walmart. That is when I realized that I did not have any actual HCG in my drops! From that moment on I began the injections. However, again, I found myself having very deep systemic issues that left me "bottomed-out" and very ill-feeling. I cant even describe it very well. What I do know is that by day 4 of the 800 caloric HCG program, I began to wonder if due to my many health issues, HCG was NOT working well with my Endocrinol system. This is what made me stop taking the HCG this last time. And being the "gotta do it now" person that I am, I immediately jumped to low carb without even waiting on the HCG to be out of my system for the final 3 days. SURPRISINGLY, after the first day of lc with HCG in me, I felt wonderful! I felt like a cactus in the dessert getting a drink of spring water! And then the next day I awoke to the biggest shock ever! The scale dropped 2 pounds!  This continued for 3 more days! I might be onto something. Then the 4th of July hit and all caution was thrown into the wind. (That is an issue for another day)

My obstacles today will be that I forgot to take something out for dinner and I need to make another cold salad. When I have these things on hand I do very well!!!  So to the market I go. :)

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